WLAN auf Events

Tournet WiFi

Wild for Wi-Fi!

Your event? With Wifi it will be awesome!

Whether it‘s a small trade show booth or a mega festival with up to 1 million guests – nothing works without stable wireless LAN. Ticketing at the entrance? Cashless payment? Wi-Fi for guests and crew? Separate networks for different users? These are just some of the questions we discuss with you in order to reliably determine the Wi-Fi requirements for your event production.

Before the event, we take a close look at the location with the help of CAD plans: Where are there obstacles such as walls, buildings, trees, or toilet containers that could interfere with the Wi-Fi coverage? Only then do we plan the exact placement of the access points and install them.

During the event, we monitor the Wi-Fi performance that really arrives at the end devices at every moment and react immediately if individual clients or access points experience problems.

The right Wi-Fi for all users

And another specialty for our robust Wi-Fi: We segregate the networks, e.g. crew Wi-Fi, POS Wi-Fi for cash register systems and public Wi-Fi for the guests. Why? So that POS systems or EC terminals never suffer from the high load in the public-Wi-Fi or even fail.

With our Tournet Backbone, we always provide the appropriate wired network infrastructure as the basis for Tournet Wi-Fi throughout the event and ensure a stable Internet supply for your event.

When does it start? You got the event - we got the right concept. At any location. In all weathers.

Planning of Wi-Fi coverage and AP positioning via RSSI simulation
Public Wi-Fi for up to 250,000 clients in segregated groups with different SSIDs
large rental park with indoor & outdoor APs from Ruckus, UniFi and others
Net data rate of 1.2 Gbit/s per AP for up to 1,000 clients per AP
Roaming capability, WPA2/WPA3, 802.11ac, captive portal, and more.
Constant live monitoring and Wi-Fi quality measurement
Point-to-point radio connections over distances of several miles
How many guests can you serve with Tournet Wi-Fi?

Our setup is tested with up to 250.000 connected devices – this equals up to 1 million guests depending on the event. However we always build an infrastructure that suits your event: the Wi-Fi on a small trade fair booth is implemented quite differently than at a festival installation.