Tournet Streaming

Applause for stable Events!

double streams safe!

Whether it‘s a corporate event, a press conference, a product launch or a sales meeting with thousands of employees - digital livestream events are becoming increasingly popular. To ensure that the livestream from the studio to the audience arrives smoothly, without delay and no matter what, we have developed Tournet Streaming.

With Tournet Streaming, you get a geo-redundant infrastructure that continues to run stably at any moment, even in the event of widespread Internet or power outages. The principle behind it: The stream is transported from the production studio to the audience on two completely separate channels. Two encoders in the studio, two Internet uplinks and several servers in different data centers on different continents guarantee fail-safe live streams. If one pipeline fails, the second one takes over without interruption - the viewer doesn‘t notice a thing. Almost as if the person at home had two setup boxes with two satellite dishes on the roof.
The highlight: our watermark is encoded into the stream on the server side. So even experienced users don‘t have the possibility to remove it.

Finally, an add-on for the transmission of confidential and sensitive video streams: Our team has developed the Tournet Watermarked Streaming for you. It protects your customers from data theft by encoding a personalized watermark into the stream for each guest. This way, shared screenshots or recordings can be traced back perfectly.

We almost forgot to tell you: Adaptive transfer rates, multi-language support and subtitles of course are also possible.

In-house developed GDPR-compliant streaming platform
Redundant stream processing in two completely seperated availability zones
Livestreams with multiple audio tracks for simultaneous interpretation
User specific personalized watermarking to protect confidential streams
Reliable on-site stream ingest / signal pickup via SDI/NDI
Full-service live stream production or pure streaming service provider

Detailed monitoring & reporting on audience behavior

When the largest AWS data center "us-east-1" went down on 12/08/21 (report on Bloomberg), we were in the middle of an event production that ran partly through this data center. Thanks to Tournet Streaming's redundant infrastructure, the major data center outage at the world's largest cloud provider went unnoticed by the event's guests.

Schema des geo-redundanten Livestreamings mit Tournet Streaming
Das Team der MP Next bei der Arbeit in einer digitalen Live-Regie in Köln
We know of many providers where you can stream to two separate endpoints to prevent outages. What makes your product so special?

In a lot of cases redundant livestreaming works by streaming against two ingest endpoints, for example via RTMP or, even better, via SRT. If one signal path fails, the provider takes over the other signal. Only the path from the streaming device on site to the provider is redundant. If the provider's central server fails, the stream is over.
Our solution encodes both Ingest-signals at all times. Failover in case of an error then takes place automatically in the viewers browser. This means that the entire path from the studio to the viewer is redundant, not just the path from the studio to the provider. It's like having two SAT receivers with two satellite dishes at home.