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The best experience for your guests!

Wow! A thousand consoles rebooting with a simple mouse click - it makes gamers‘ hearts vibrate. To make your gaming event the highlight of the year, you need two things: smart IT solutions and years of experience in network infrastructure. With Tournet Gaming we pack both into our cases. Whatever the weather.

Before we go on tour as a full-service gaming-IT provider, we discuss hardware requirements with you and your developer studios and coordinate procurement from sponsors as well as hardware suppliers.

Our Tournet Backbone provides the foundation for large gaming events: a wired network infrastructure that connects all devices. This ensures that fast and redundant internet is available at every corner of the event location. Every second!

In 2002, our predecessor „MP Event & Network Technology“ was present at the first Games Convention in Leipzig. Since then, we have set up hundreds of gaming stations at one of the biggest gaming events in the world, Gamescom, every year. Worldwide, we are on the road for gaming events and have even built servers that fit into airplane hand luggage. Connected, set up and monitored with muscle power and brains.

Provision of gaming PCs and other gaming systems
Lightning-fast software rollout with 40 Gbit/s or more
eSport-specific solutions e.g. for player intercom or latency measurement
team voice chat solutions and intercom systems
Game protection using encrypting Kiosk software
Central management of hundreds of computers & consoles at the same time with easyPolicies

Event-experienced team of IT professionals for on-site 1st, 2nd & 3rd level support

Mehr als 19 Jahre Erfahrung haben wir bei der Austattung von Gaming-Events und Conventions.

Impress with security

Whether it‘s a presentation of the latest games, an eSports tournament, a content creator event or a press conference - we always have two things at heart: a consistent look and feel and security for soft- and hardware. As few visible cables as possible, but at the same time always the best experience for your guests.

When it comes to security, we have created easyPolicies, the best solution for you to control, maintain or troubleshoot up to 10,000 gaming clients. And to implement software rollouts in under 15 minutes.

We know and understand the high demands of the gaming industry very well. Our team of event-experienced IT specialists will solve your challenges quickly and creatively on site.

What services do you offer in the gaming area?

We are not limited to gaming PCs, but are also experts in the management of Playstations or Xboxes, for example with Playstation Neighbourhood. After 19 years of gaming events, we have actually seen it all.